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Every time I help someone manage their finances. Everytime I show someone how to deal with the probate application, everytime I explain to someone how to manage their pension for less.

There is a benefit.

There is more money for the beneficiaries on an estate, there is more money for their own pension and retirement, there is less interest on debt by knowing how this works.

For every business owner that I show where the money is going in their business there is a child that can enjoy a bit more, a marriage that can have some security.

These are socialist ideals, these are the things that help us move forward, take back the power over our own finances, over our lives.

These are things that make the difference, that stop feeding the Government, starve it of money so that it can’t spaff it on stuff, so that the corporations are slowed, meaning they have to show more value before they get the right to our money.

Surely a good thing.

When you are ready, get in touch.

For me, this is the thing. Back in the dark ages, before internet (BI) we struggled to find out anything, how to do stuff was limited by training and expertise.

If you wanted advice on pensions (which are very new things from a historical perspective) you were left to find an adviser and hope, building brick walls, fencing, repairing cars – all were seen as outside of our expertise BI.

Now, everyone can learn, everyone knows how to find stuff out – and DIY or at least part DIY.

Thus saving money and often time. By choice you may want to seek professional advice in areas of tax or some legal matters – but there is a lot you can do DIY.

The legal profession, the medical profession, advisers of all description will obviously tell you you can’t – in the same way, before “Night School” back in the 50’s and the 60’s there was much preservation of trades – indeed the Victorians made it so via Guilds and Trade Organisations – and then successive Governments opened up a whole new world, where after work you could learn skills and access information in order improve your lot.

And then, it was all forgotten, all left behind. Cheap solutions from overseas, solved the product and the tooling issues. DIY books arrived to show us all the way. Libraries closed, adult education centres were wound down.

From 1996 onwards specialist help was available from the internet, a few years later, forums and video started to appear – everything was just a Google search away.

For those that wanted to know how to do stuff, practically anything, it was all available. It wouldn’t have made you an expert – but it would have helped you get the job done.

Professional services became the norm, we had financial advisers on the scene to help us manage our money – then a proliferation, the financialisation of everything started to appear everywhere. It seemed that around every corner someone was willing to help us manage our finances, to help us with – well everything.

But that didn’t work – they were not experts they we salespeople. Other advisers, other tradespeople also appeared in order to solve problems for us, some of these are good – they survived and others just ripped us off.

Now we are faced with all of the information we ever needed but no knowledge. Information is not knowledge until it’s applied.

And this is where MoneyTrainers comes in. I am determined to make sure that information I have is shared, that the tools and information I have, that I have learned becomes knowledge in your hands, that you can use that you can work with that will help you solve problems. Some of which you may not even have yet.

And like old school socialism, where the working man and woman was shown ways of living, of helping themselves and others – passing on skills and experience in order that the same mistakes were not repeated, reading, writing and getting things done in order to improve our lot.

For me that is partly financial but it’s also partly practical. In my workshops we cover really complicated issues in a way that you can understand, the you can work with. In the hope that once you know you can share. You can pass it on.

Eventually, everything will change. We will return to our communities with knowledge and pass it on – so others can benefit. This is how we build a future for all of us.

When you are ready, get in touch.