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Richard Smith’s MoneyTrainers- Money Minute #5

Money Minute – That Voice In Your Head.

Those thoughts that you keep having are not you.

If they were you wouldn’t be able to hear them for the same reason you can’t taste your own tongue. Try it, your tongue has no taste because it’s your tongue.

It’s the same with that in a voice it can’t be you or you wouldn’t be able to hear it. Just think about that for a minute. Who hears your inner voice?

That inner voice is the thing that expects to keep you safe. Expects to stop you dying,  prevent you from going to places that you shouldn’t go.

But it doesn’t really understand much about modern lives because it wasn’t designed to be able to cope with now.

It was designed for a time when we had lions and tigers and wild animals that would eat us if we dared to go into the dark forest. 

We don’t have to do of that anymore  and there is no danger in the local supermarket.

What has this got to do with money?

It is this.  Your inner voice (or inner dickhead as I called mine) will prevent you from doing quite a lot of things.  For example it will prevent you from taking control of your spending.

It will tell you that it’s not possible that you’ll never make it work. It will fill you with negative thoughts, stop, don’t do that. Think of another way. It will do that every time you step up to do something new, something that may move you forward.

One of the first things you need to do is to start to override it.

It is possible for you to make it work  and it is possible for you to solve the need more money conundrum. It is possible to solve most problems you face.

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