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Don’t Fight The Police – Change Who You Are?

4th March 2022

You and I both know, and even if we don’t accept it as being true it is. Those thoughts we have on a continuous basis, those running through are not us.

Most of the time they are negative. Designed to try and protect us in some way. Unlikely to lead you or me in the direction that we should be heading even if we don’t know what that direction is yet.

Our life is a pretty short journey towards a certain death.

There is nothing after this life. It is a pathway to once and only once event.
We will spend much it wrapped up in our own thoughts, in some kind of zombie like state. Pulled by circumstances and other peoples opinions in a certain direction. Like leading a child down a pathway through the woods. Come on, we encourage. Only with our own thoughts we drive ourselves.

We have no idea when that certain death is going to come or when an illness is going to strike us down.

This means we have an option of sitting back and waiting for it to come. Or to take control of life and do the things that we know we should.

It starts with us taking control of that voice in our heads. Once that is under management, and it it will only ever be managed never controlled. We then have an opportunity to start living our life.
We are not designed to be able to have control over that voice. So I would stop trying to exert control, you’ll end up depressed and angry.

Accepting that your thoughts will always be uncontrolled is a great start for any life.
Once you are aware of that voice, and you’ve heard it a few times and you actually start to listen to it but not act on it. Then you can start to manage it. Try that for an hour or so, see how much rubbish actually passes by.

This is one key to leading a successful life.

For a brief moment, before you read on. Think of the things that you wanted to do but for some reason have not.

What were/are the reasons for you not doing?

Much of the time, the reason will be that voice in your head and it’s ability to somehow convince you that the thing you wanted to do was not the right one for you.

It is like being in a really horrid relationship. Where you make a decision to do something and then a third-party convinces you that it is not right, you are making a wrong decision.
When you know when your heart that is the right decision, this is the thing you wanted to do.

Do This.

To move this forward you need to do a couple of things.

Be aware of that voice in your head and understand that it is not you. It does not know everything and that it is often wrong.

Then understand that you will never take control of that voice you can only ever manage it.
In the same way you learn how to ignore a crying child that will just not quieten down, that voice in your head can be managed in the same way, you ignore it at least initially.

Sometimes it will bring you a valid point, something that you have missed. Somewhere deep in your subconscious is a learning point that you have forgotten to add in to the equation for your current problem.

This means observing your thoughts and checking to make sure that it is valid and valuable before you act.

The voice, the negative one, the one that tells you how useless you are and that you always ‘fuck up’. And that you always make mistakes, it’s not you and you don’t have to listen to it, nor do you have to act on it.

This is why meditation works so well for us. When we are trying to train our minds and understand how to get the most out of life. Meditation is there allowing you to focus on the inner game.

Meditation allows you to quieten that voice to the point where it can barely be heard. That frees up the real you to make better decisions based on what it is you want.
The answers to everything all now are available. This is one of the greatest times to be alive in all human history.

We don’t have the wars and pestilence that we had from ages ago sure it’s not perfect, sure there are problems to be resolved and for them to be resolved you need to be in the room, you need to be aware of what is happening around you and you need to try and understand that.
You will never understand it while there is a civil war going on inside your head where that voice keeps on and on nagging away at you.

Once that is quiet that gives you time to think to really get those brain cells working for you. That is the secret of all eternity, being able to shut up the inner dickhead. It is one part of all the greatest religions. One part of the lives of the greatest scientists, knowing what makes sense and what can be ignored.

The last point to this is a fundamental of human psychology of the human psyche.
We all have this thing called an identity, it is who we are.

It includes that inner voice, or the inner dickhead as I call him.

This issue of identity it’s an important one because identity changes the behaviours of us as humans.

If you identify as a useless piece of shit who can’t ever do what is asked. Or can’t make decisions that benefit you then your identity will dictate exactly what you will do.

If you identify as a successful, able and bright member of the community then that is exactly how you will behave. And that is exactly what you will become.

It was Dave Trott who explained in various books that “form follows function”. I think it is an architecture term originally.

My understanding of that is if you start to function in the form that you want to be then that is exactly what will happen – form follows function.

Behave as if. Behave in the way of and create habits that allow you to become the very thing that you want to become. No I am talking about some bullshit method of positive thinking (although that helps) but actually understanding this.

By thinking and acting like you are, you become it. You identify as…

Blue sky thinking, the ideal world. Identify yourself as that and you will become it. And if you don’t get it, whatever it is then you will have moved towards it.

It is all a journey it ends in death that is the final destination. Everything that leads up to that is about you moving forward. No one is looking when you fuck up nearly 8 billion people don’t care, the universe is busy destroying worlds.

Provided you are not breaking the law, fighting the police. No one cares, they ain’t looking.
So instead of beating yourself up today, and having that inner conversation about you being useless and that you always get these things wrong that you always fuck up.

Start to focus on who you really are the identity that you want to become.

The one you want to grow into and start to act as if an identity was real because reality is whatever you perceive it to be.

That is how we get religious beliefs that hold you back, that is how we get depressed people and it is exactly the same way we develop successful businesses and become successful actors and sportsman. It starts with changing the identity of who you are.

Ready to get a shimmy on with some of this I can come to your place of work. If you want some one on one help. Get in touch.