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Do These Things?

Sometimes we wait and wait for stuff to happen when instead that is the last thing we are designed to do. If you are waiting around for things to happen, you can be assured they will happen anyway and it’s pure chance if it will be of benefit to you. Fact is most people spend their lives drifting from one financial crisis to another – from one bad relationship to another. Still spending one of the two main resources (money) on stuff – shizzle.

These are things you need to focus on if you really want your life to change.





Action – what are the ten percent of things you do that bring the most reward. Think, financial, emotional and spiritual. Go do them and them only.

Meditation/Mindfulness – don’t have time for five minutes of this. Go do an hour.

Gratitude – what you have is what you have – be grateful, express gratitude for this day, your clothes, where you are, you ain’t dead – which means things must be better than they can be.

Focus – bit like Brexit we have a whole load of politicians that can tell you what they don’t want but none that can tell us what they don’t want. The quicker your work out what you want the quicker things will change. What you don’t want  – won’t give you what you want.

Spending your time and money on stuff will not have the impact you think it will. It’s all about  making the inside right, then the outside will follow.

Stop spending hard earned on shizzle.

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