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Debt – What Does It Do To Your Future?

We all seem to accept debt as part of life. In 2022 even our children are used to having it around and their careers start with debt before work in the form of Student Loans.

The impact of debt can be devasting if it gets out of control.

The biggest problem is that it does rob you of a future, you trade time, a little bit of your life for money now and then…

If you have debt a part of that is immediately transferred to someone else. This is why there is so much debt around – lenders (the wealthy have worked out ) that they can get access to a future income stream – from you. Buy encouraging you to have debt.

If you spend your money, via credit card or loan and the item you purchase goes down in value then everyone except you manages to get a small win. There is no way for you be financially better off.

  1. The cost of future interest is one part of that.
  2. The value of the item you buy goes down
  3. You still owe the money.

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