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Dante and Money

Many years ago Dante wrote a poem that has forever be known as Dante’s Inferno.

I have never read it but have often seen it quoted in various items and articles both online and off. There is a line in the inferno which goes something like this, “you can’t find fame whilst hiding under a blanket “.

The lesson it seems is is meant to explain to us that in order to get what we want, in order to achieve the life of our dreams we need to get out from under a blanket and start to actually do something.

For me this means learning some new skills, actually taking some chances. Actually getting out into the real world and doing something.

This is the way we change our lives and the lives of people that are around us. By getting out from under the blanket and taking some risks.

Give it a try. Perhaps Dante was right.

When you are ready to get a shimmy on with some of this stuff, then please get in touch.