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Can You Feel Better By Thinking Better.

I am one part of the Action for Happiness group in Horsham

If you have never thought about being happier, ever thought that by being happier you could change yourself, change your life, then you should pop over and join one of the sessions. it really is a great place to hang out once a month and learn how it is possible to live a happier life.

Being happy, is not some kind of freakish positive thinking. It’s not a kind of cult. But it is about making yourself feel better about everything, about finding joy in life – and there is a lot to be joyful about- really.

i won’t force you but when you are ready to find out some more then pop over to AFH and when you are ready come and join us for a session, it’s based on really sound principles and good fun.

One thing i have focused on with my customers in recent years is to use thinking as a tool. Like a carpenter keeps a number of sharp chisels for use on wood, along with a screwdrivers and drills. We also have human tools to use. Happiness is one. Empathy and Love are others.

You probably don’t think of them as tools. But they are.

Love – changes how you feel and how you act.

Empathy – changes how you interact with others.

Thinking – allows you make decisions which move you from one place to another, do move forward (or back) if required. Your thinking allows you to take control of certain aspects of your life. By taking control you can then start to decide what your future looks like – and none of us can control or know what the future does or looks like, but can all decide the direction of travel – and that is where the happiness lies. To know that your direction was decided by you.

Our iife is a journey with a known end. We know what happens but just no when, If you use thinking as a tool to change direction of course it will make you feel better – it allows to take control, to decide. And that has to make you happier.

The quality of your life is based on the quality of and number of decisions (Tony Robbins I think) the more you make, the more change occurs, the more your life moves in the direction you want.

The alternative is not making decisions, is being battered from storm to storm. Which is how most people live their lives.

You do have a tool in your box, it’s the deciding/choosing tool. Make sure you use it.


PS When you are ready to get some one to one help on this area of your life or in relation to your finances or your small business, then get in touch. A Borrow My Brain costs less than day in a decent hotel – but the results last forever. You can get in touch here >> Contact