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Care Fees

Both of my grandparents died quite early, my mother had a stroke at 55 and has just had her 80th birthday – she still lives at home and is looked after by private carers and… Read More »Care Fees

Care Fees: Paying

What are the options with fees and how does it work? In the UK, planning how to pay for care, either for yourself or family members, is a key part of managing your money, especially… Read More »Care Fees: Paying

Dying to Know

Welcome to the dying to know pages. If you are not yet a member or you have attended one of our workshops and require access to this information then you have two options. If you… Read More »Dying to Know

It’s All In The Mind

Today I consider the whole idea of manifesting everything you’ve wanted. What is it you really want in your life? A new car, more money, exciting vacations? We all have desires for material things or… Read More »It’s All In The Mind

From Hardship…

From Hardship to Happiness: How I moved myself from poverty to relative success without pissing anybody off. I grew up in a low-income household in the UK, most of my family relied benefits. So I… Read More »From Hardship…