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August 2019 – Podcast in the Park.

State of the markets

Brexit, recession, trade wars.


If you have cash invested you can

Buy on the dips

Invest for income

Invest with the lowest charges

Always have cash on hand.

Buy Cheap 

Invest for Income

Income Paid                                    Re Invest

Spend less than you earn.

FIRE Movement

Would you work 80 hours per week in order to retire at 40? That’s one solution.

What about an extra 13 hours per week? If you do your income will increase by a further 30% or so. Sure, if you are working two jobs already then you may need to think about alternatives to working harder – working smarter.

Getting new skills, find the time to watch Youtube videos, to look up stuff online, the more you know the more you are worth.

Possible September

80/20 – this is an important rule

Basically, in terms of becoming wealthy at some point in the future, in order to be free, have freedom from work you need to do a number of things.

Get your money working for you – it accelerates the process – you only have so much time to work and earn – that’s why making money work is so powerful.

Next ignore all the information you are told about investing and making money – there are only a small number of things you need to do, need to be aware of in the scheme of 80/20  only 20% of things you think are important are.

Everywhere where you look you are told what. What you should invest in, how you should manage your money – you are told the why is important – the reason most of you are told this is simple marketing. 

For most financial advisory businesses you are told to invest – because thats good for them, they enjoy a small percentage of your investment for ever – thats how their businesses are worth so much. That is not the right way to become wealthy. You will never be rich while someone else is taking a slice of your income/capital.

In the case of pensions the provider and the advisory firm will get paid from the time the plan starts until death  – in many instances.

The why is always – at some point you want to stop working and enjoy your cash.

Fact is within 80/20 there are some answers.

  1. You only need to focus on a couple of small thing, easily understood and manageable things  in order to transform your financial life.

Invest for income, make money work for you – you can’t spend capital which is why income is important. hold money in cash first, invest when the market has dipped, invest in low charge flexible products – etf’s and tracker funds. Invest for the long term, reduce/manage debt/ use tax allowances.

  1. Ignore the complexity or those things you don’t understand.

Many things in financial planning are complicated, Inheritance tax, tax planning, capital gains tax – complicated offshore rules – these are the many complicated things you don’t need to be aware of  – for now. 

If you are looking to genuinely start making your money work hard for you then focus on the things you can control and ignore those you can’t.