Money Trainers was conceived because of the need for a solid financial education  and the various financial regulators failure to protect consumers of financial products properly – in my working lifetime there have been two major mis-selling scandals relating to pension transfer (British Steel was the last), PPI, RBS, mini bonds, LCF, Basset and Gold. Right under the nose of the regulator and in some cases by regulated firms – you can’t trust regulated advice which is why you have to educate yourself as to what is right and what make sense. It has never been more important to understand how your finances really work, nor has it ever been easier to plan and manage your own financial situation better than any professional. After all, who do you think cares more about your money? Before establishing Money Trainers I worked as, and managed teams of Independent Financial Advisers.  I regard myself as a highly competent professional and qualified financial expert. Having provided financial advice and guidance since 1988. My client list includes two former MP’s,  a  british born Hollywood  li actor along with a FTSE 100 Chief Executive. Oh and several hundred artisans and normal people, just like you and me.

…making it, managing it, avoiding the lies and scams


Knowing how money works is as important as managing time.


Effective administration of your cash and investments means you will make money while you sleep.

Growing Your Pile

Education and administration will grow your pile quicker than ever with out any more risk.

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I am very happy with the service I received from Richard Smith … who recently produced new Wills for myself and my wife. He spent a lot of time with us at our home going through our requirements and explaining how best to protect each other and our families. He addressed all our questions and was able to give us clear and concise answers without baffling us with legal terminology… From Google

I have recommended him to a number of work colleagues who all speak highly of his advice which has enabled them to make excellent financial decisions for their future. I cannot speak highly enough of his support and professional expertise which has saved me thousands of pounds” – Mrs J London

From Google Excellent service would highly recommend.Richard has a wealth of knowledge and experience and always has his finger on the button super fast service and so easy.
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