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A Superhero.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing my best to improve my fitness. One knee is nagging a bit, the other seems noticeable. And knees aren’t meant to be noticeable.

Of more concern was the fact that I’ve been a little breathless walking up the stairs. No reason other than being generally unfit. I am of course getting on in years – so this level of fitness (or unfitness) creeps up on you.

Before you know it. Five years of no exercise means you are heading for an NCD (Non Communicable Disease – killer but not transmissible, think heart, diabetes).

This means that in addition to my walk in the morning I have been upping my game. running up and down a large concrete, series of steps at my local park. The incline is about 4o feet up and it’s steep.

Up a dam wall at the lake.
It’s hard.
I started with four – up and down counts as one.On Friday last week. I had got to ten. It’s hard. But not impossible.The heart rate spikes and the legs hurt.

Good news is, after only a week. The breathlessness has gone, completely.

This morning I’d got to the lake.

The voice in my head had been shouting at me since I left the house.

Your leg is hurting, your calves are tight. You are tired. Don’t today, hold it off. Double it up on Tuesday. Make a plan b. Get back indoors, plants need watering. Car needs a wash.There is plenty to do, no time to do it.

It wasn’t just loud it was screaming at me.By the time I got to the lake, faster walk than usual. I stretched off my calves, done a couple of squats and up the steps I went.
Bloody hell this hurts this morning.




As you can see, little breather the middle.

That voice did not shut up. It gave me every excuse it could.All the things I could be doing.All the things I needed to do.How these steps would damage my heart. I’d die. I had work to do.

These are just a few of things it would throw at me.
I could have stopped at any point. Really easily.

My own mind was giving me everything it could to make me stop.But my own ‘inner superhero’ knew that I had to continue. This was part of a process I’d started because it made sense.
The voice (the inner dickhead) wanted me to stop, wanted to keep me where I was. Wanted me cease and desist.

Only I could hear it. In the same way as I always hear it. And it was wrong.
I knew it. So I ignored it.

That same voice is the one that stopped me from training as a …..Stopped me from making that call.Speaking to that girl. Asking for a pay rise.Learning that new skill.
Nearly, stopped me from becoming a little fitter.

I have the same voice as you. The same one that keeps us stuck. That stops us from making the changes we know are needed.

That stop us from moving forward.

You have to learn that it’s not always right, its not always worth listening to it.
That you can do these things, get what you want. And you do that by ignoring that voice. The real you is the one that listens, not the one that speaks.

The real you is the one that changes everything.

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