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26 Years It’s Taken – and the lesson is?

Sunday, 11 June 2023

It’s my daughters 26th birthday today.

When she was born we didn’t really have any internet. My email address was and the cost of that was £3.99 per month.

And there was an unlimited ‘dial up service’ for £20 per month which meant unfettered use of the internet – the business package even arrived with 30mb of website storage.

Quite a lot has changed in a short period of time.

Me, well I am now twenty six years older and a lot has changed in me. My kids have taught me lots, how to ignore things, why I gave up drinking, what really matters.

I do keep thinking to myself that these are lessons in life we should have in our twenties and not have to wait to find out.

Friends, family, employers and clients – often turn out to be arseholes of the highest order, ex partners, always seem to one click away from appearing your feed. I don’t think this is by design, but our brains seem to attract the things we don’t want and less so on those we do.

For me this means I am drawn to those things, notice them. The things that may harm me, make me feel bad. This is how such things can appear in our life, not because we want them – but because we notice them.

I wish I knew that twenty six years ago. I would have changed many things.

With that in mind, here are the lessons.

  1. Don’t listen to others, find your own path
  2. Focus on making money, learn how it works. Know how to turn it on.
  3. Don’t let money be your master
  4. Learn from and lean into relationships. Some don’t last, but you won’t know that yet.
  5. Drop things quickly if they are not serving you. Don’t waste time.
  6. Learn and listen your own voice, not the inner critic, the one that will provide you with direction if you let it.
  7. Meditate, not because it’s good for you, it is. But will help you recognise the inner dickhead.

You will of course find these things repeated all over the internet, every positive thinking website, every book or manual will give you variations on the same theme, and for good reason. They are truths, principles that apply to your life and mine.

They work. Most of the people you meet won’t know them, won’t practice them. Importantly won’t believe they work, ar the truth.

And that my friend is why most of the people you meet are stuck.

Stuck in ruts that get deeper and deeper until one of two things happen. Death arrives or the sides of the rut become so deep, it turns into grave.

Don’t believe me, then take a look around.

In my daughters lifetime I have been able to live through and consider each one of them. There are more, but there is not time for today.

I assure you though. These are the things that will create the change. That will help you, like they have helped me. Good times and bad all come and go. Some feel worse than others. Reality is, everything change all of the time.

We really are on a ball of rock travelling through space, inside a galaxy that is also travelling through space which means that this exact space, this moment will never be repeated. We don’t know what will happen in the future or where will end up, but we can agree on a direction, make a plan.

This is how you and I should be living our lives. Learning that nothing is permanent, that nothing remains the same for long and knowing that all we can do as humans is respond to that, to choose how we act now, in this moment. And, when that doesn’t work, change it.

Learn skills that are needed, trade those skills for more money than you earn now and work less, learn how to get things to serve you instead of you serving them. Drop in some headspace work, learn how you work and then everything will start to change for you.

If that move is not positive then change that.

I’ve made that sound all so very simple, and at base level it is. Once you start working with it you will find that actually it really is that easy. Give it a try, and change it to make it work for you.

And when you are ready to get some one to one on this, get in touch.