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2020 – Get Organised

I keep getting asked how I manage to be so damn organised and I tell you this. I spent the best part of my life being disorganised.

It wasn’t until I started keeping a proper journal that my life really changed. See over the years I’ve used organisers – both online and off, paper Filofaxes – lovely but not me. A4 pads and a whole manner of items to keep me in check, on target if you like.

When I came across bullet journaling I realised my life had changed for the better. The great thing about this method is that it can be whatever you want you can use it to suit you – arrange it in the way that works best for your mind, for your life. 

Use it as a diary, as a work scheduler as somewhere to note down your brain farts, meeting notes, to watch lists, to listen to lists. Whatever you want this kind of journal makes so much sense. Importantly if you want to make your ‘money life’ right then this will be damn helpful – life-changing so. 

I’ve dropped a video in below, spend a few minutes and then go do. You’ll be pleased you did. 

Here is one of the items I use – it’s a bit more expensive than the others but makes perfect sense as you’ll find once you have it in your hand. Good luck and let me know how you get on.