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Money, Money, Money

“If all you had to do in order to become financially independent, was sit down in front of an Independent Financial Adviser for an hour; we’d all do that and there would be a queue of people outside offices up and down the country.”

In the absence of workshops I have been doing some telephone work over the last few months – this one – for some debt advice – was well received.

It’s not like that, but it is clear that modern financial planning has been made easier than ever before. Information that was once privy to a few is now available to all and this information can be leveraged in order to make sure your cash works for you instead of someone else.


  • Financial education is not available at school.
  • Most of us blunder through life not knowing how the money thing really works.
  • End up making really crap decisions about money.
  • The financial services industry only cares about making profits not helping you make the most your money

If you want to be able to sick back and enjoy a nice, warm cozy glow knowing that your personal and small business finances are working for you instead of working for someone else then you are in the right place – I’ll provide you with the tools you need to get on top and win with your finances.

Despite Thirty Years  of experience I learned the hard way; despite being an industry professional for over thirty years and having ‘done alright’ things weren’t right.

The plan I had in place was flawed, flawed because of the industry I’d worked in for over thirty years was more concerned about lining it’s own pockets than doing the right thing – that’s not sour grapes, that’s me telling you how it is. 

Financial Independence 
This is something that’s possible in your lifetime. Only you can’t do it with the conventional adviser recommended tools and plans – it just doesn’t work. Your money needs to work hard for you or you’ll have to work hard until you are half dead (around fifty) or nearly dead (around 65) until you get the benefit – that’s the kind of plan that financial planners sell and it sucks, no longer fit for purpose.

If you have to wait for a call or a nod from your adviser in order to make changes, to improve your financial world you’ll find yourself lost. Honestly – I’ll repeat it again If all you had to do in order to become financially independent, was sit down in front of an Independent Financial Adviser for an hour; we’d all do that and there would be line of people outside offices up and down the country.

The New Way – It used to be, work till you drop and then draw on the few quid you’ve saved, hope it’d be enough and then slowly move towards your eventual death. Not very nice presented like that is it.

What if you could do it differently, leverage your hard earned to allow mini-retirements, every year.

What if you didn’t have to work full time in order to survive financially. With modern planning all of this is possible, in a far more tax efficient way – and control it all by yourself. No adviser required.

What if you could immediately tap into a number of websites and know exactly what to do next.

What if you understood exactly how money really worked and could make a yes know decision as opportunity arrived.

With my thirty years of experience and my last five years spent looking carefully at how money works in our modern world and how it  can work for you in 2018 has bought me to here. Right here,  today with you reading this short introduction. Thank you for getting this far, it’s importantly honestly.

We’ve all spent time working for money, time you will never get back. Once you know how money can work for you – using the same principles that the very wealth use you’ll soon never have to worry about money again.  Really. It’s possible I assure you.

It’s just not possible using the conventional financial advisers approach. I know, I’ve been one for over thirty years. My concerns during this apprenticeship was that money and money management the way it’s done by the financial services industry is way past it’s sell by date – and is starting to smell really bad.

Important: This is not about getting rich quickly, it’s about gaining financial independence over time with a number of principles – money principles that lead to financial independence – all you need to know is what they are then make them work. 

You can ignore me if you want, but the evidence is clear – by the fact that miss-selling is still rife (in 2016,17 and still in 2020) and that the financial services industry refuses to modernise, that’s why there are so few advisers left. It’s an industry in rapid decline, and quite rightly so.

It’s no longer serving you and I.

Fact is their industry is contracting because financial advice is stuck in the 1960’s – it’s no longer fit for purpose and if simply getting advice worked, that’s what we’d do.

What you need is knowledge and cutting edge money skills.
Welcome to my new world of Money. One that puts you first. Financial independence beckons. Just follow the steps – these start by you giving me your details below.  Look, no one cares more about your money than you and the sooner you take control the quicker you’ll be free.

I don’t share your personal details and no sales people will call.  Get yourself on the update list below and let me share some snippets with you and show you how you can start leveraging your own money.

Just in case you’d like to hear some more from you. You get get on my list here.

There is no charge or obligation but you’ll get a chance to peer into my world and start turning round your finances.

Richard Smith –

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